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Highlights – BTC Summertime

30 Nov



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30 Nov


BTC Lake Day!

BTC Lake Day!

Interview #3 – Gaby VanBreda: Exectutive director of World Impact Network (non-profit organization) and wife of Senior Pastor (co-senior pastor at BFC)

30 Nov

What would you recommend to people who want to be in your position?

Gaby: Know your call. This is not a big-time money making industry (both the church and non-profit organizations). Remember that promotion comes from God. Also, education is key. I have seen many pastors fail because of lack of education. Remember that you are never too old to keep learning. I truly believe that if people want to be on the senior pastor level or be high up there in business, it is necessary to go beyond getting your bachelor’s degree. Also, get involved with wherever you want to be working. Do internships. Stay on top of things. Be a servant.

What is the hardest thing you have had to experience?

Gaby: Rejection from people. If you are going to be in ministry, in particular, you need confidence and self-knowledge. People are going to move on and go to other churches. People you think are your friends will up and leave you. You can’t take these things personally. Many people will swap churches as if it were nothing.

What is the most rewarding thing you have experienced?

Gaby: Living by the Spirit. Nothing compares to living day in and day out by the Spirit of God. Also, seeing all of my kids attend our church, and their kids attend our church. Having my entire family in church is the most rewarding. I would never say the most rewarding thing is financial – because it is not. That is not why I have dedicated my life to this profession.

What is your typical day like?

Gaby: Do you really want to know? (laughs)

My days include: 3 hour board meetings, hospital visits, Dr. appointments, answering emails, phone calls, reviewing accounts, dealings with staff, commnicating 24/7. When I come home, I take care of my husband and do PHD research (on leadership).

How did you get to where you are today?

Gaby: Faithfulness – in the good and the bad. Whether you are in valleys or on mountain tops, always remain faithful and God will see that and reward that.

Interview #2 – Isai Talamantes (Youth Pastor at Vida Abundante)

30 Nov

What is your typical day like?

Isai: Waking up, read 2-3 chapters of the Bible, eat breakfast, and go to school

How did you get into this position?

I felt like it was God’s calling for me. Since my parents are senior pastors, I mentioned this to them. We continued to pray about it for a while and then it was decided that I become the youth pastor

What would you tell people who want to get into this same position?

Know your calling and make sure this is truly what you want to do. Be in love with it, because it is what you are going to be doing day in and day out. Be 100% sure this is God’s call for your life, and that you truly love what you will be doing.

What is one of the hardest things you have had to experience?

Realizing that I can’t please everyone. Everyone wants things a certain way, but I can’t always go with what other people say. Some people are going to be disappointed and this sucks, because it is hard to not please people. But, if you try to please everyone, it will lead you into trouble. Things will not turn out good. Ultimately, I have to go with what I think is best, and if people don’t like it, then oh well.

What is the most rewarding thing you have experienced since becoming a youth pastor?

Seeing young people saved and transformed. That is definitely the greatest reward. Seeing people come to church, give their lives to Christ, and then become discipled and start leading otheres to Christ. It is great to see people who I knew before they were saved, inviting their friends to church and telling others about God.

What is something you didn’t expect to have happen when you became a youth pastor?

I wasn’t expecting how hard it was going to be. I just assumed that everything was going to be great. Being a youth pastor seemed to be “glorious.” However, once I started doing it, I realized how truly hard it is. I have to deal and do so many things that I was not expecting to do.

Interview #1 – Jeremy Chambers (Supervisor)

30 Nov

What is a typical day like for you?

Jeremy: I cannot describe my typical day. My schedule varies. I do spend a large chunch of time studying for my teachings, and also since I am in school. I would say I spend about 20% of my week doing admin/organizing things. I typically dedicate one day a week to ministry outside the church, such as going to Bellevue College, meeting with divisional pastors, being in the Renton school district, etc. I also make sure to spend time with my family.

How did you get in the position you are in today?

Jeremy: My church combined with Bellevue Foursquare in 2011, which led me to become the Discipleship pastor. As far as becoming a senior pastor, I started as a youth pastor, and then planted a church with another guy (I was not the senior pastor). Then, I became a senior pastor as a result of the relationships I had. The obvious answer of how I got in ministry and in my position is because of my calling. I think it is important to know your call, and also have a pursuit of that calling. I also think it is necessary to not give up on ministry, regardless of the role you are in.

What would you recommend for people who want to be in your position?

Jeremy: Make sure to get your priorities straight. Don’t pursue a position. Pursue what you believe God is speaking to you. Also, I believe that risk-taking is the key. Many times, people can make up excuses and say, “I don’t know how to be a youth pastor, etc.” But Moses didn’t know how to speak, yet still God used him. You must be a risk-taker. And of course prayer, being in the Word, and things like those are also extremely important.

What is the hardest thing you have had to experience?

Jeremy: My own self doubt. Asking the questions: Am I doing the right thing? Do I belong here? Why aren’t I seeing results? However, I know these are all lies from the enemy, but I would definitely say that, for me personally, that is the hardest thing I have had to overcome. Another thing that is always hard for me to experience is conducting funerals. Situations like these are emotionally challenging, but the first time is definitely the hardest.

What is the most rewarding thing that you have experienced?

Jeremy: I think my answer to this question would change overtime. Currently, it is seeing John Franco (youth member) be so excited about going to Northwest University. I have known him since he was 6 or 7 years old, and seeing him wanting to go to this school is really exciting and rewarding for me.

What is something you expected to have happen when you became a pastor that didn’t happen, or something that happened that you weren’t expecting to have happen?

Jeremy: When I first became a senior pastor, I expected the church to grow like crazy. I thought it was just going to grow automatically and wasn’t going to be as difficult.

Something I didn’t expect was the amount of hurt people there, and dealing with so many issues. I didn’t know how complex the nature of relationships is, as well as individual personalities.

Week 15

20 Aug

Tuesday, August 14 (2 hours)

Today, I prepared for my sermon that I will preaching tomorrow. I know that the youth pastor will be gone, and we will have a different dymnamic, so I must come as prepared as possible.

Wednesday, August 15 (6 hours)

Today, I got to the church and met with the senior pastor. Then, I got the youth room ready and prayed in it for a while. It was interesting for me to be alone this time, for usually I will have the youth pastor with me, or atleast one other leader. However, when I was alone, I was way more focused and spent a lot of time praying to God for the service. It was very good, and I felt confident about the service. The worship team arrived later than usual, and we had different people leading, since the youth pastor usually leads worship as well. When they got there, they realized that they didn’t have enough musicians. I called the youth pastor, pretty upset, and asked what was going on. Things had not been properly planned, but we ended up figuring everything out. Worship started late, which was okay. There were only a few boys who came to the youth group and another male leader, so we took the boys out for ice cream. It was really good, and even though we ended up at McDonalds, we still talked about God. Later, the youth pastor called me and we had a discussion about how I should have delt with things better, as a leader. Even though the youth pastor wasn’t there, I should not have called him, as he was on vacation, but delt with the situation to the best of my ability on my own. Instead, I called him right away when something didn’t go right, and freaked him out. I definitely am learning more about leadership and recognize that I make many mistakes!

Friday, August 17 (1 hour)

Today, I prepared for the teaching on Sunday. This preparation is much easier, as each Sunday, the youth group is now going to learn whatever the main congregation is learning. Even though we will be in a separate room, we will be teaching what the Senior pastor teaches. Therefore, to prepare for Sundays, all we have to do is look over the senior pastor’s sermons notes and make them applicable to youth. I really like this, as I want the youth to be on the same page as the main congregation, and be able to discuss with their parents the message. I also think the youth need to know and understand what the senior pastor is talking about.

Sunday, August 19 (4 hours)

Today, I got to the church and made sure everything was ready for the youth service. I organized the youth room, and went to pre-service prayer. Then, the youth stayed in for worship, and then I took them to the youth room. We read a passage in Daniel and then discussed what it meant. Then, I had the group split into smaller groups and answer questions that each of the group leaders asked their group. Finally, all of the youth met together at the end and discussed what their different groups talked about. It was really good and neat to see how different groups talked about different things.


Week 14

13 Aug

Monday, August 6, 2012 (2 hours)

This week, we have big upcoming presentations, where each ministry team must present their vision/goals/plan for the year. Today, I worked on creating the calendar for the year. It is neat to see how God provides the vision and encouragement that I need. I am so grateful for having learned so much from my previous church, and am using a lot of skills I aquired while I was there. This reminds me to always be training and raising up new leaders, so that they can also go and make a difference other places, and be equipped to the best of their ability for the future.

Wednesday, August 8 (7 hours)

Today, we had our presentations. Many of the staff presented yesterday, but I could not go because I had to work. I was also the last person who arrived to the presentations today, since I had to work early in the morning. This made me a little flustered, as I hate being late or being the last person. However, I knew God would have mercy on me and help me. When it came time for me present the vision and plan for this year’s youth group, I gave a lot of detail and  presented a simple, outlined calendar that included  what sermons series we would be going through, as well as the different events we would be having throughout the year. I explained how on Sundays, our goal is to use the same scriptures the senior pastor is preaching from, so that way, even though the youth are not with the main congregation, they will still be following along on the same track. I also presented a list of the various goals we will be working toward, both long-term and short-term. After I presented, the other pastors were VERY impressed and they were glad to have me on the team. They gave me many compliments and this definitely encouraged me. It was interesting to see the other pastors’ presentations because many of them were not as specific/organized. However, it made me realize how different people function and work in different ways, and what may work for me may not work for them. It was very interesting to see how each person presented their vision differently, and reminded me of the many different types of personalities and communication styles that people have.

After we had our presentations, the youth pastor and I got ready for youth service. Tonight, we had an extremely small group. Many people were gone on vacation, at camps, etc. We only had four girls come, so the youth pastor and I decided that I would just take them out to ice cream and we would do a devotional. The youth pastor stayed back and worked on things he needed to do. It was interesting to note that when it was just us four girls, the group became much more relaxed and open. It is crazy how different settings and communication can change when the opposite sex is involved/not involved. We had a very good time tonight and I got to know some of the girls on a deeper level.

Sunday, August 11, 2012 (4 hours)

Today, I arrived at the church and got ready for service. Then, the youth stayed in service like always for worship and then we went to the youth room. Again, we had a small group, so the youth pastor had us get into a circle when he was talking. I was reminded how the position of chairs, space of the room, etc. can change the communication atmosphere. Because we were in a circle, we had a discussion, rather than just the pastor preaching to us. It was really neat. Then we split into even smaller groups and I thought this was good because it allowed us to be more intimate. After service, we had a quick leaders meeting just to go over some upcoming things, such as the youth pastor will be gone for a few weeks. Then, after our meeting, I began to go over the newly created calendar with one of our girl leaders. I started talking to her and asked her how she was doing financially (she had been struggling for a while). She said she was getting there, and getting back on her feet. When I asked her if she had any food, she smiled and said yeah, but I could tell she was lying. I then kept questioning her and she said how she was a horrible liar. Our church has a food bank, so I called the senior pastor to ask him if we could get her food. He told me that we never have to ask and I need to make sure she always has food. It was interesting to me that even though our church has this great resource for food, she still did not want to admit her situation and ask for help. I thought about how some people are very open and will share their needs, while others are way more closed off and don’t like to admit they need help. We got her a lot of food, and made sure she was taken care of, and she was very happy.