Week 15

20 Aug

Tuesday, August 14 (2 hours)

Today, I prepared for my sermon that I will preaching tomorrow. I know that the youth pastor will be gone, and we will have a different dymnamic, so I must come as prepared as possible.

Wednesday, August 15 (6 hours)

Today, I got to the church and met with the senior pastor. Then, I got the youth room ready and prayed in it for a while. It was interesting for me to be alone this time, for usually I will have the youth pastor with me, or atleast one other leader. However, when I was alone, I was way more focused and spent a lot of time praying to God for the service. It was very good, and I felt confident about the service. The worship team arrived later than usual, and we had different people leading, since the youth pastor usually leads worship as well. When they got there, they realized that they didn’t have enough musicians. I called the youth pastor, pretty upset, and asked what was going on. Things had not been properly planned, but we ended up figuring everything out. Worship started late, which was okay. There were only a few boys who came to the youth group and another male leader, so we took the boys out for ice cream. It was really good, and even though we ended up at McDonalds, we still talked about God. Later, the youth pastor called me and we had a discussion about how I should have delt with things better, as a leader. Even though the youth pastor wasn’t there, I should not have called him, as he was on vacation, but delt with the situation to the best of my ability on my own. Instead, I called him right away when something didn’t go right, and freaked him out. I definitely am learning more about leadership and recognize that I make many mistakes!

Friday, August 17 (1 hour)

Today, I prepared for the teaching on Sunday. This preparation is much easier, as each Sunday, the youth group is now going to learn whatever the main congregation is learning. Even though we will be in a separate room, we will be teaching what the Senior pastor teaches. Therefore, to prepare for Sundays, all we have to do is look over the senior pastor’s sermons notes and make them applicable to youth. I really like this, as I want the youth to be on the same page as the main congregation, and be able to discuss with their parents the message. I also think the youth need to know and understand what the senior pastor is talking about.

Sunday, August 19 (4 hours)

Today,Β I got to the church and made sure everything was ready for the youth service. I organized the youth room, and went to pre-service prayer. Then, the youth stayed in for worship, and then I took them to the youth room. We read a passage in Daniel and then discussed what it meant. Then, I had the group split into smaller groups and answer questions that each of the group leaders asked their group. Finally, all of the youth met together at the end and discussed what their different groups talked about. It was really good and neat to see how different groups talked about different things.



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