Week 13

6 Aug

Tuesday, July 31 (2 hours)

Today, I went to the staff meeting at the church. I haven’t been to one of these for a while and it was nice to hear the different members on staff present what was happening in each of their areas. They also officially welcomed me as being on staff at the church. This was very nice, and it is interesting how even a small recognition can make you feel so honored. I am reminded to recognize what others do more and encourage them. They asked me how the youth was going and the youth pastor and I talked about how the lake day we had was a big success. All of the pastors were extremely happy to hear how the youth was doing so well.

Wednesday, August 1 (4 hours)

Today, we had service as usual, but instead of being at the church, we went to the park. We could not be in our youth room, because the childrens ministry was using it for camp. We went to the park and played this game that was SO fun. We played it for a very long time, and the kids really enjoyed it. It was definitely good to have fellowship with the kids and do something different. Sometimes we get in such a routine, that we need to have variety to reenergize. After we played this game, we listened to the youth pastor speak. It was very hard for a lot of the kids to pay attention. I think if someone preaches after playing a game like that, it needs to be more interactive and more like a discussion. It was hard for the kids to sit still after they had just been running around.

Friday, August 3 (1 hour)

Today, I prepared for Sunday. I am going to be leading the youth group and decided I want to read the same passage the main church is reading. I decided that if we have to take the youth out of the main service, we should still be on the same page as the main congregation and senior pastor. I looked over the passage and thought of different questions to ask the youth in their small groups.

Saturday, August 4 (2 hours)

Today, I got up early and worked on a calendar we have to present to the rest of the staff this next week. This calendar will show all that we have planned for this upcoming year. Our vision, mission, etc. It is a lot of work and takes a lot of time and prayer!

Sunday, August 5 (6 hours)

Today, I got to the church and got everything ready for my message. Then, we had pre-service prayer and then service started. I took the youth out to the youth room after worship, and we readย a passage from the book of Daniel. After one youth read some scripture, I had another youth explain what that meant. This was VERY good for the youth to understand what they were reading. Then, we split into small groups and had kids answer questions about the passage they just read. One of the questions was what is your faith like/where is it at/how can it grow? I had each youth in my group go around and answer this question. One of the girls started tearing up and said how grateful she was to come to this church because it has helped her grow so much more then her old church. It was so fascinating for me to see how one simple question can provoke so much emotion out of someone. After our small group time, church ended and then we went outside and had a big bbq. Then I met with one of the youth leaders after the bbq and went over some leadership things with her. Today was a great day at the church!


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