Week 12

30 Jul

Wednesday, July 25 (6 hours)

Today, I got to the church and met with the senior pastor about our upcoming service and a few things going on in the church. Then, I helped the youth pastor clean up the youth room. We got rid of a lot of junk that had been left there overtime. Then, we had our leader meeting, and went over leadership expectations. One of the things we talked about was how we need to be careful of what we post on facebook. Whether we realize it or not, what we post can greatly affect the lives of the youth we are mentoring and reaching out to. I think many times we understimate the power of our communication through social media. After this meeting, one of the youth leaders shared with the youth pastor and myself something she was going through. I then met with her separately, and then we had to meet with the senior pastor to address this issue. Then, we had our youth service. Tonight, it was different, as the main church was playing  a special movie for all of the congregation, and the youth were asked to attend. It was a Christian movie about forgiveness, and it was surprisingly good. It was nice to see a movie that had good morals and standards in it.

Thursday, July 26 (2 hours)

Today, I went to the church and met with the senior pastor to go over an event that we were going to have the next day. Then, I went grocery shopping for the event with the youth pastor, to get all of the food we needed. This took way longer than expected, as we were trying to shop on a budget, but still buy enough food for all of the kids.

Friday, July 27 (7.5 hours)

Today, we had our BTC youth lake day. We went to Lake Sammamish and went innertubing all day. We had two different boats come, and most all of the kids were able to innertube at one time, as the boats were pulling multiple innertubes. The youth really enjoyed this event, and many of them brought friends to it. We took a break for lunch, and then innertubed a little longer. It was interesting to see how some youth were more nervous to innertube and wanted to go slower, while others were unafraid and acted like they could conquer the world.

Sunday, July 29 (4 hours)

I arrived at the church and everything for the youth set up. Then, we had pre-service prayer. Before service began, the mom of my own youth pastor from Puyallup came with her husband to visit the church (they are the district pastors of our denomination). It was so great and inspiring to see her. I thought about how one person can make a day all the better, and want to be like that. When I found out that her and her husband were at our church, I instantly felt happier and filled with more faith. People can be contagious without even having to say anything. After worship, I took the youth out of service and split them into small groups. We reviewed concepts that we had been going over the last weeks in church. Some kids remembered what we had talked about and some did not. I was reminded to use whatever means necessary to get my message and teachings into the minds of the kids so that they will remember them better. I thought of how different kids learn and communicate different ways, and I must make adjustments so that I am not always teaching the same way each time.


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