Week 11

29 Jul

Monday, July 16 (3 hours)

Today I prepared a sermon, as I found out I will be preaching on Wednesday. I prayed a lot and got an idea of what God wanted me to speak about. I also looked for a template to use that I had used in the past for creating a service order. I looked through the different templates I had and decided on one in particular. I made of list of many different ideas I have to implement into our youth group, such as having a pre-brief and de-brief meeting before and after service. I started brainstorming different things I could do, as well as the other youth leaders, to better our youth services. Many of the ideas I came up with I learned when I was an intern a few years ago at my church in Puyallup. I find it interesting that things that are communicated to us and taught to us when we are younger stick with us throughout life.

Wednesday, July 18 (8 hours)

Today, I prepared more for my sermon and then went to the church. We had our usual service planning meeting and then I set up for youth. Then, we had our youth leaders meeting and then had service. It was different not having our youth pastor there, and it definitely makes an impact when strong personalities are not present at youth, especially since we are a smaller youth group. However, this time, we went into a different, smaller room for service, and it was interesting how space can effect communication. Since it was a smaller room, it felt more intimate and like more people were there. Although the youth pastor and some students were gone this week, it still felt intimate because we changed to a smaller room.

Sunday, July 22 (5 hours)

I went to the church and was present during the worship practice and also participated during their worship leader meeting. Then, we had pre-service prayer and then service. We took the youth to the youth room and split them up into groups, and this time I had students pray over the person who was on the right of them. I first asked what each person wanted prayer for and they all shared. This was a very impactful time and a few people left crying. I was overwhelmed by the power of just one little prayer, and how it can truly make a difference in someone’s life. After service, I went out to eat with other leaders from the church, and we talked a lot about upcoming changes that will be happening. It is interesting that when people are motivated and have ideas, they are many times contagious to others.


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