Week 10

16 Jul

Wednesday, July 11 (8 hours)

Today, I arrived at the church earlier than usual, as the pastors changed the staff meeting to an earlier time. When I got to the church, we discussed what would be happening the upcoming Sunday, as usual. I was surprised to find out that this Sunday, they would present a man in front of the congregation who just was let go as our worship pastor. He was let go because of his lack of respect for staff and for his not-so-good worship. However, the church presented him in front of the church and said that they were letting him go for financial purposes (which also played a very small part in his termination) and that they would miss him dearly. The pastors said they wanted to do this because they didn’t want people wondering what happened to him. I find this interesting because they didn’t tell the whole truth and I do not necessarily agree if I would have presented him to the congregation. People were not happy with his worship and I do not know if it was necessary to do this. It also saddened me because it makes it seem like the new worship pastor is coming in just because he is willing to accept less pay, but may not be as good (which is not the case at all).

After this meeting, I had another meeting with the executive pastor and youth pastor. I again was disappointed in how this meeting was handled. The youth pastor (also my boyfriend) had been telling me that they had been wanting to hire me on staff, but I had not heard anything for a very long time. This frustrated me because they had told me over a month ago that I was going to be hired. During this meeting, the executive pastor started addressing issues such as creating a church email account for me, etc. but still had not told me I was hired. He began to talk about my hours and then I finally asked what was going on. He told me he had assumed the youth pastor had told me, but I told him I didn’t feel it was his job to tell me. The executive pastor agreed and finally asked me if I would be a part of the staff. I said yes, and I am now officially hired at Bellevue Foursquare church. Although this communication in hiring me caused me great frustration, I am also very happy in being  a part of this church, and know it is where God has called me. The youth pastor, executive pastor and I went over what I would be doing and all of the details of everything. The youth pastor is now taking on the role of the worship pastor as well, so he will have a lot of work doing both. I will be his assistant and will be doing a lot of the planning and administration.

After this meeting, I had to go and talk to one of the other pastors who deals with our time cards. I gave her a bunch of information she needed and she added me on staff.

Then, the youth pastor and I decided to change our orignial planned service and take our youth to the park instead, since it was such a nice day outside. We also felt we needed to have a fun day with the kids and have a good time of fellowship together. The park is in walking distance from our church, so we went there to play soccer and then had a mini service after our game. This was really fun and all of the kids enjoyed it.

After we went to the park, we realized it was free slurpee day at 7/11. We took our youth there but then realized the free slurpees had ended. However, we decided to buy the youth each a slurpee. This was a really fun day with our youth.

Friday, July 13 (1.5 hours)

Today, I found out I will be preaching next Wednesday, so I began to pray and prepare a sermon. I read a lot of the Bible of the area in which I thought I would be preaching, and then created an outline of what I would preach to the youth.

Sunday, July 15 (4 hours)

This morning, I arrived at the church and hung out with the youth who were there early for a bit. Then, we had pre-service prayer which was really good. We prayed over the worship team, and you could feel that the Holy Spirit was there. Then, we stayed in for worship and then took the youth to the youth room. We split them up into groups and I took a group of girls. We continued talking about the topic of prayer (continued from last week) and I had them write down different areas they could pray for. For example one thing they could pray for is people, so I had them write down names of people they would pray for. I also had a few of the girls pray outloud and although I could tell they were a little nervous, they did a great job. After service, we had a leader meeting and talked about our upcoming boating event that will be happening in a few weeks.





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