Week 9

10 Jul

Tuesday, July 3 (1 hour)

Today, I typed a few documents for our executive pastor. He wanted an overview of last week’s mission week, so I summarized all of what we did, and what the students gained from this experience. I also typed out a document of our next upcoming event, a boating trip/lake day we are doing in a few week. He sent me an outline of everything we need to plan ahead for, and I completed figuring everything out. I sent this email back to him, and then he emailed me back with a few changes. It is nice to work with a team of people, because I have realized that sometimes I will not remember to do everything, and others will think of things that need to be done. Also, although it is sometimes difficult to work with others, I like it because we come up with more ideas and brainstorm a variety of things to do.

* this week we did not have our wednesday youth service since it was the fourth of July.

Sunday, July 8 (4 hours)

Today, I got to the church and made copies of our youth lesson plan. Then, we had pre-service prayer and thenΒ I hung out with the youth until service started. We stayed in service for worship, and then our senior pastor’s wife presented Bibles to the youth who had graduated from high school. After worship, I noticed that one of our other youth leaders was not there, so I texted her to see where she was at. She told me she had woken up and felt really sick and that she would not be coming. I was very frustrated because I understand that people can get sick or not feel good when they wake up, but I felt that she should have texted me to let me know right away. It made me upset that I did not find out until I texted her, and it was during the middle of service. This forced me to re-think how we were going to spilt up the youth into small groups, because I originally thought I would have her to lead a group. However, everything worked out fine. We went into the youth room and separated the kids into different groups. I had all of the girls and this week we talked about prayer. I went over our lesson plan with them, and I went around our circle and asked each girl what she needed prayer for or what she wanted from God. It was very interesting to hear their answers. One of the girls who is more quiet almost started crying and said she wanted more godly friends. I think she is very alone and needs people by her side. Doing this activity made me want to spend as much time with this girls as possible. I realized how many of them are in need of good people in their life and need to have godly influences. I need to focus on spending more time with them not just on Wednesdays and Sundays, but throughout the week. This youth service reminded me of the impact communication can have in a relationship, and how one conversation can change everything.


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