Week 7

25 Jun

Wednesday, June 20 (7.5 hours)

Today, I came to the church as usual and helped clean up the youth room. Then, the youth pastor and I met with the senior pastor and discussed an issue going on with one of our youth. After this, we had a service planning meeting. We went over what would be happening on Sunday (like we always do). One of the pastors in particular tries to control the entire service. This is something I do not agree with. I believe the worship pastor should be able to decide what songs they will be playing, who will be playing, etc., without having to clear it with other pastors. I sometimes feel that there is too much control and not enough freedom with the staff on this church. I definitely consider these meetings a learning experience, and although I of course respect everyone on our team, there are definitely some things I am learning that show me how to not communicate and act with others. After this meeting, we had a prayer meeting with the youth leaders. I lead this meeting and I talked about being a person like Elisha in the Bible. Elisha did incredible things, even though he was only a human, and it just shows what God can do through us. After this meeting, we prayed and then began to prepare for youth service. As youth arrived, I talked to them and it was good to see them all. Then, we had service and I introduced service/did the welcoming. Then, our youth pastor preached a short message and ended youth early. We went outside and ended up playing soccer and this was really fun. I was reminded of the importance to incorporate the “fun” into our youth group and just be focused only on the spiritual elements.

Friday, June 22 (2 hours)

Today I met with the youth pastor and we discussed the mission week we are doing next week. One of the organizations we were going to work with cancelled on us, so we had to call many other organizations to figure out what to do. It was interesting because many non-profit organizations already had “too many” volunteers. I thought this was crazy and don’t understand how people could have too many volunteers. I would want as people as possible to help out in my organization. I never want to get to a place where I have to turn people down from serving. We eventually ended up figuring out something different for next week, but it took a lot of phone calls and planning to figure out what to do.

*I was not able to go to church on Sunday, as I got pneumonia and had to stay home and rest.


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