Week 6

22 Jun

Sunday, June 17 (5 hours)

This week, I only was able to attend church on Sunday and not go to the Wednesday youth group as I usually do. When I arrived at the church, I knew we would be continuing on base classes, which are to help students grow deeply in their relationship with God and in discipleship. For the next few weeks, we would be going through the importance of spending alone/solitary time with God. We sat in for worship in the main church service as usual, and then went to the youth room. Right away, we broke into small groups. Since we had less youth leaders this Sunday and more kids then usual, my small group was about 8 girls. I thought it would be interesting to see if I could get them all to focus and truly learn the lesson. I was pleasantly surprised. I made sure every student hadΒ a Bible, and then went through the lesson for the day. It was nice to be able to talk and teach the girls how I wanted, as the youth pastor did not give us any requirements. His only requirement was that was only went to page 3 in our booklet, but we could teach them however we wanted. All of the girls sat in a circle around a table and I had different girls read different scriptures that discussed the importance of time with God. We then all talked about it and I asked girls to share with me times they had spent with God or prayed, and how they felt after. It was neat to hear the girls open up and share their stories. One of the girls who is really outgoing shared a story of how when she felt alone and like no one loved her, she went to God and it made her realize how much He loves her. Some of the girls were so surprised that such an outgoing girl like her would have times where she felt alone. It was great to see the girls relate with one another and grow in their fellowship. After our small group, all of the groups got together and the youth pastor asked one person from each group to share what they had learned. After youth group was over, all of the leaders discussed how their groups went. The youth pastor shared how he thought he was going to have to teach his group differently from now on, as he has a group of many boys who do not want to sit still. He said how he may have them act or do something more entertaining next week. I thought it was very interesting to see how different kids learn and act differently, as well as communicate in completely different ways.

After youth, I went out to lunch with three people from the church, two of which who are on the church council, and they talked about upcoming changes that are going to occur. Our youth pastor is going to be “let go” and the youth pastor will be both the youth and worship pastor. We talked about how this is going to look and what is going to happen. I used to serve in a much bigger church, so it is interesting for me to see how different aspects function. For example, people would be let go from our church, and I would have hardly known what happened. However, in a smaller church, I feel like every person knows every detail as to what is going on (or atleast the majority of the story).


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