Week 4

4 Jun

Wednesday, May 30 (6 hours)

Today was my birthday and we had a lot of fun. I got to the church and we had the service planning meeting. This went well, and we discussed how, on Sunday, we will be having a service specifically dedicated to the volunteers of the church. After this meeting, the youth pastor and I went and were filmed for a video that would be played at the special volunteer lunch, followin service. Then, we set up the youth room and got ready for all of the youth to come. During this time, one of the pastors at the church brought me a cake and many of the youth who had arrived sung me happy birthday. We then ate the cake and had service. I began to open service (like I always do) and during this time one of the youth came on stage and had everyone sing me happy birthday. Then, my boyfriend (the youth pastor) preached, and after service all the youth hung out for a while.

Sunday, June 3 (5 hours)

I got to the church and went over what we would be doing with the youth with the youth pastor. Service began, and the youth stayed in the main service for worship. Then, we went to the youth room and the youth pastor taught about reading the Bible and how, in the next few weeks, we would be going over the importance of God’s word and how to get it in our heart. We then broke up into small groups, and I took a group of girls and taught them how to do SOAP (method to use when reading the Bible). We read a particular passage of the Bible and disected it, and also applied it to our personal lives. Then, all the different groups shared what they had learned from the passage we read (all groups read the same). After this service,Β we had a leaders meeting and prayed over one of the leaders who has been going through a difficult time. Then, we all went to the volunteer lunch and I received a certificate for all of my hard work. Many volunteers received these certificates and it was nice to be reminded that the church is grateful for all of their volunteers.


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