Week 3

29 May

Monday, May 21 (3 hours)

Today, I worked with the youth pastor on planning the schedule for youth for the rest of the summer (through August). This took quite a while, as we had to pray and also think about what the sermon series were going to be, as well as plan events and other activities our youth would be doing. Not only did we have to figure out what we would be doing every Wednesday for youth group, but also every Sunday during church. We wanted these days to feed off and enhance one another, so planning this took more time than I expected.

Wednesday, May 23 (9 hours)

Today, I did not have to work at my other job (Starbucks), so I got to the church earlier. I had a meeting with the youth pastor, the executive pastor, and the senior pastor. The senior pastor told us that there were going to be some transitions happening soon, and that he wanted the youth pastor to also be the worship pastor as well. He knew this would be a lot of effort and that the youth pastor would need an assistant, so he told me he wanted to hire me on staff as his assistant. We talked about this transition a lot, and I am excited for this new change! After this meeting, the youth pastor and I went to go make me keys for all of the areas of the church I would need to get into. Then, we had another meeting, which we do every Wednesday. This meeting goes over the order of service for the following Sunday(s). After this, we had our youth leadership prayer meeting and then had our youth service.

Sunday, May 27 (6 hours)

This morning was different, as the youth stayed in the main service. Since we were celebrating memorial day, we wanted all the kids to be in the main service and experience this special day, in a deeper capacity. I got to the church earlier to help set up and do whatever was needed. After service, we had a big BBQ and it was very fun. Then, I went out to another lunch with guests who were visiting our church for the first time. It was neat to talk to them about God and find out more about who they are and their testimonies with God.


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