Week 2

22 May

Monday, May 14 (2.5 hours)

Today, I found out that I would be leading the youth service on Wednesday, because the youth pastor has to get one of his teeth pulled. I began to plan and pray about what I was going to speak about to the youth. I planned my sermon and practiced what I would be speaking to them about. I also made a new playlist of songs for our prayer time before service that we have each Wednesday.

Wednesday, May 16 (7 hours)

Today, I got to the church and went to make sure the youth room looked clean. Tonight, the youth pastor was not going to come to youth because he had just gotten one of his teeth pulled. Therefore, I was in charge of the youth and had to do everything the youth pastor normally does. At 4:00, I went to a staff meeting (like I do every wednesday) and we talked about the upcoming services. After the meeting, I met with one of the pastors who was going to lead our Sunday youth service. We are beginning new base classes (leadership classes) for the youth, and he went over with me all that we are going to be doing in the next four weeks. He was going to lead the first class, and then the youth pastor would lead the rest. I am definitely excited about these classes and know they will help the youth grow in their walk with Christ. After we met, I met with a few other leaders who serve in the youth and we prayed before the youth came. Once the youth came, we did something different. We had planned earlier to take them to a park. The youth pastor thought this would be a good idea for the youth to have a fun night out. Even though he would not be there, he still wanted us to do it. Therefore, when all the youth came, we split them into different cars and drove them to a park, about a minute away from the church. We played frisbee and had A LOT of fun. The youth loved it. Then, I gave a mini sermon, but it was more interactive then usual. Then, we played frisbee a little more and then went back to the church. After their parents came to pick them up, one of the youth leaders realized she had locked her keys in her car. We had two pastors help her try and break into her car, and eventually they were able to successfully break into her car and she got her keys! However, I had to wait a longgg time with her, since I did not want to leave because I was the youth pastor for that night.

Sunday, May 20 (6 hours)

Today, I got to the church and hung out with the youth before service began. I also went to our pre-service prayer for all of the staff and leaders of the church. Then, I went into the main service with all of our youth, and after worship we left to go to the youth room (like always). We had one of the pastors speak, to introduce the new base classes we will be doing for the next few weeks. These classes are to help the youth grow in their leadership with God, and are more intense classes then usual. After we had service, I took one of the girls in the youth out to lunch. After this, I went to a retirement home with the youth pastor and a few of the other pastors and leaders of the church. We had a mini service at the retirement center for the elderly people. This was really fun and cool to see church in a different atmosphere.


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