Week One

15 May

Wednesday, May 1 (6 hours)

Today, I went to Bellevue Foursquare and got there around 3:00pm. When I got there, I helped set up the youth room for service. Then I helped the youth pastor make phone calls to a refugee camp, where our kids will be going as part of there mission experience this summer. I talked to the youth pastor about the schedule for this time, and we discussed how, for two days, students will be participating in multiple activties (locally) that will be out of the ordinary for them. Some of what they will be doing includes serving at Union Gospel Mission and collecting cans for a food drive. They will also be going to a refugee camp, where they will get to experience what it is like to be a refugee, and the hardships that these people must go through when they come to America. After the youth pastor and I met, we went to the offices and had a meeting with many of the pastors who are on staff at the churh. We went over what the service will be like for the upcoming Sunday, and discussed future upcoming services as well. One of these services included the service for memorial day, and I found out that the church is trying to raise enough money to purchase 6,000 flags that they will display all over their property. They want to make a statement to the community and show how much they care about those who have lost their lives for our country. After this meeting, we had our youth leaders meeting, where we prayed and talked about upcoming things. Then, we had youth service, and I got to lead prayer/open the service, as well as pray over kids at the end.

Thursday, May 2 (2 hours)

Today, I met with one of the girls from the youth group and am going to start discipling her. We went over what I will be teaching her, and I asked her what she wants to learn. She told me that she wants to learn how to better evangelize to people and how to keep her faith strong in hard times. I told her that her homework for the next time we met was to create a mission statement and also choose a scripture or two that really stand out to her in the Bible and that she could call her life verse.

Friday, May 3 (7 hours)

I went to the church for a long time today. The youth pastor (who is also my boyfriend) and myself fasted and prayed in our youth room. When I got to the church, he told me the various things he wanted to pray for our youth. One of the things we did was write on a whiteboard the names of all of the youth. We spent a good amount of time praying over each youth individually, and there are about 40 youth total. During this time, another one of our youth leaders also came and prayed with us for a while. We also listened to a podcast and did different things throughout the day to stir up our faith. We shared different verses of the Bible that we felt the Lord was speaking to us in regards to the youth, and this was a very cool time.


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