14 Feb

Person: Hiring manager at Team Agape (non-profit organization)

Demo: Woman, teacher in Puyallup School District, married with two young kids, born and raised in Washington State, 38 years old.

As they look: The main picture on my page (a flower) may bring comfort and peace to her, as I personally believe that most women enjoy flowers. However, it also may remind her of the outdoors and some adventures she had with her children that were unenjoyable. She might think I am over the top, since I talk about my love for jesus – or she may like the fact that I am bold with my faith. Since she does work for a Christian, non-profit organization, she probably will appreciate my faith statements. However, my twitter status’s displayed on the right side of my profile might reveal to her my youth, as some of the things I tweet are not always very professional. If she is frustrated with her children and sees these tweets, she might think that I am too young to hire. I do think she will enjoy the simple layout of my profile though, as she probably has recently dealt with a lot of chaos from her children, and does not want to have to think.


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