Website: Entertainment

13 Feb

Web Design – picture4

Site name and URL:  Netflix

Site description: Netflix is a quick and easy way to get an access of a variety of movies and TV shows. Netflix can be streamed from a variety of technological devices including: PCs, Macs, TVs, iPhones, Xboxes and more. Consumers sign up for a subscription on the company’s website and then are allowed access to the unlimited world of their favorite shows and movies.

Audience (your deduction): People who use this website include teenagers to adults. Due to its easy accessibility, practically anyone can navigate through this site. Many families take advantage of this product, as a Netflix account can be shared and used on multiple media devices. The consumers who use this website might also be found accessing other fun technological websites that include apps for your iPhone, technological games, and anything designed for your personal enjoyment and leisure time.

Business/Site Goals (your deduction): Reed Hastings co-founded Netflix as a DVD rental-by-mail company and led its transformation to become the world’s largest streaming subscription service for watching movies and television programs. Netflix has revolutionized the way people enjoy entertainment.

Technologies used (your deduction): HTML, JavaScript


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